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Looking east from Carrls Path, from 1943. This is the oldest known picture of Edgewood - even older than the clips in Let There Be Light.
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Mike   6/16/2016 3:36:26 PM
No construction pictures anywhere.
J-B-F   4/8/2005 11:02:01 AM
Blackmore's Castle
mudpaws   7/29/2004 10:59:57 PM
wow, no homes even- just woods...The way I like cool
Joe   3/7/2024 6:24:30 AM
A couple of items of interest:
1. Yes, the copper gleams in this picture, making it look "unfinished." This is a photocopy of an original photograph. In the original, the roof is more visible, but I can't get the original. :(
2. In the train picture, not only is the roof not visible, but part of the brick on the left side is is also "missing."
jimmy c   7/3/2004 5:20:31 PM
Copper is like a mirror when its bright and new.
mike   7/3/2004 5:03:06 PM
There is reflective sunlight causing the roof to look unfinished again as in the train pic.
jimmy c   7/2/2004 7:12:30 PM
I see a flagpole to the left of the hospital. I guess they flew Old Glory out front during the military years.
mike   7/2/2004 12:27:53 PM
I know that someday, someone is going to furnish construction photos. It is just a matter of time now.
AD   3/19/2004 10:07:58 PM
sick picture......
JIM M   2/18/2004 1:55:23 AM
Wild photo
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